Elegant dining table set with plates of food, glasses of white and red wine, and modern table lamps, with a softly focused background of a busy Arbol restaurant ambiance
Melting Beef Ribs served with shiitake mushrooms, classic potato purée, and truffle sauce, presented on an elegant plate against an artistic wooden backdrop at the pool terrace of Arbol restaurant
Chilean Salmon Steak served with avocado-zucchini skin, grilled asparagus, and Asian kombu sauce on a white plate with a blue rim, presented on a Arbol restaurant table
Sunset view over a tropical coastline with lush greenery in the foreground and the sun reflecting off the ocean on the horizon
Brioche topped with foie gras and wild mushrooms, drizzled with truffle honey, garnished with fresh greens, presented on a white plate with a dark background
Elegant Arbol restaurant setting with dishes of gourmet food and glasses of wine on a wooden table, featuring a decorative textured wall and mood lighting in the background
Tuna crudo arranged on a white plate, seasoned with local 'ruda' greens oil, slices of jalapeno, and Japanese miso-mayo, artfully plated with a focus on fresh ingredients
Chef squeezing fresh lemon juice over a dish through a strainer, with a focus on the hand and the action, surrounded by fresh ingredients on a kitchen counter
A vibrant garden salad with carrots, cherry tomatoes, plums, strawberries, palmito, and pumpkin, drizzled with honey-mustard dressing, served in a white bowl on a textured table
A freshly brewed cappuccino in a white cup with the logo 'Britt Espresso', served with biscotti on a saucer, surrounded by coffee beans on a white table
A creamy gorgonzola risotto topped with caramelized pear slices and almonds, garnished with microgreens, served on a white plate
Lobster tail elegantly plated with sweet corn sauce and slow-cooked red cabbage, garnished with sweet corn popcorn and a leafy green, on a white plate against a blurred Arbol restaurant background
Outdoor Arbol restaurant table during sunset with a focused view of a dish and a glass of white wine, with warm light casting a glow over the elegant dining setting
Sea bass fillet cooked to perfection, accompanied by baked carrots and carrot purée, topped with a special tomato sauce and garnished with fresh herbs, presented on a white plate
Two gourmet burgers, the Makanda Burger with Angus beef and various toppings on a sesame bun, and the Asian Tuna Burger on a black bun, served with homemade French fries and camote chips, accompanied by a bottle of Corona Extra beer, on a wooden table in an outdoor setting
Focused chef using a culinary torch to finish a dish in a professional kitchen, surrounded by fresh ingredients and cooking utensils, indicating an active meal preparation
Chef in a professional kitchen meticulously garnishing a plate of duck breast with fresh greens and gnocchi, with a focus on the finishing touches to the dish
Creamy sweet corn soup garnished with king prawns and glazed mini corns, sprinkled with fresh greens and pumpkin seeds, presented in a white bowl on a textured black mat
Smiling bartender in a blue shirt creatively torching a St. Sebastian signature cocktail with Campari, Mezcal Espadin, and Martini Rosso, enhancing the drink's flavors, in a vibrant Arbol bar setting
Artfully presented St. Sebastian signature cocktail with Campari, Mezcal Espadin, and Martini Rosso, exuding a smoky aroma from a torched herb garnish, set against a bokeh light background
Bartender in gloves skillfully pouring a dark red Campari cocktail into a glass filled with ice, against a blurred bar background
Refreshing Moscow mule cocktail in a black mug with lime wedge and mint garnish, on a wooden surface with a blue pool in the background
Angus beef Makanda Burger with cheddar cheese and accompaniments, and a charcoal bun Asian Tuna Burger with sauce, both served with fries and camote chips on a wooden tray, with two bottles of Corona Extra beer, set by a pool with a woven chair and lush greenery in the background
Hand pouring truffle honey over foie gras and wild mushrooms atop a brioche slice, garnished with fresh greens, on a white plate with a dark background for elegant presentation
Chef using a blowtorch to flambe food on a plate, with dramatic orange flames over the dish, kitchen utensils and fresh ingredients in the background
Smiling culinary team in uniform posing together at Arbol restaurant with artistic wood paneling and modern lighting in the background
Concentrated chef in black uniform meticulously slicing fish on a green cutting board in a warmly lit kitchen, with fresh vegetables and fruits around
Grilled octopus salad with chunks of Turrialba cheese and cherry tomatoes, drizzled with a vibrant Mediterranean sauce, garnished with fresh greens, presented in a white bowl
Saffron-infused risotto topped with a grilled Caribbean lobster tail, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and garnished with fresh microgreens, served in a white dish
Bartender in a blue shirt pouring a dark liquid from a bottle into a cocktail shaker, preparing a drink with a focused and smiling expression, in a bar with a reflective mosaic tile backdrop
Espresso martini in a classic glass, garnished with coffee beans, on a wooden surface with blurred greenery in the background, embodying a sophisticated and refreshing ambiance
Artisanal Asian Tuna Burger with a black sesame bun and fresh greens, served with seasoned fries and crisp vegetable chips, presented on a wooden plate with a tropical backdrop
Gourmet plated dish featuring succulent crab with a unique chocolate glaze, sundried tomatoes, and a dollop of aioli sauce, garnished with fresh greens on a white backdrop
Elegant dining setup on Arbol's pool terrace featuring modern wooden tables adorned with vibrant red floral arrangements, ambient lighting from stylish overhead bulbs, and intricate wall textures creating a warm, inviting atmosphere
Focused chef in a blue apron meticulously garnishing a dish with green herbs, in a professional kitchen setting, surrounded by fresh ingredients and culinary tools
Peruvian fish ceviche in citrus juice garnished with slices of jalapeno, radish, chives, and herbs on a white plate
Tropical scallops ceviche with citrus juice, cape gooseberries, jalapeno, capsicum, and fresh herbs, accompanied by artisanal banana chips, presented in a stylish bowl
Decadent banana cake layered with rich local chocolate, garnished with toasted coconut flakes, presented on a dark plate against a softly lit restaurant ambiance
Succulent melting beef ribs served over a bed of creamy classic potato purée and earthy shiitake mushrooms, finished with a rich truffle sauce and garnished with delicate microgreens
A clear glass mug of layered latte with a smooth espresso blend, velvety milk, and frothy top, garnished with coffee beans and caramel swirls, served with biscotti on the side
Grilled wahoo fish on a bed of crisp lettuce, topped with vibrant cherry tomatoes and a delicate Uchuva sauce, garnished with fresh herbs, presented on a sleek white dish
Peruvian fish ceviche with lime and blood orange marinade, jalapeño, fresh greens, garnished with radish slices, served in a white bowl with a blurred background of homemade natural chips
Grilled Chilean salmon steak with a garnish of avocado-zucchini, accompanied by grilled asparagus, served on a white plate with Asian kombu sauce
Gourmet presentation of local farm tenderloin tartare with Japanese miso-mayo, thinly sliced mushrooms, and radish, garnished with fresh herbs in a white bowl
Two chefs in a professional kitchen presenting their dishes, one with a black chef's coat and the other in a blue shirt and gray apron, surrounded by fresh produce and plated gourmet meals
Plated potato gnocchi accompanied by a succulently cooked duck fillet, garnished with fresh spinach and farm tomatoes, elegantly presented in a white bowl with a softly blurred Arbol restaurant background
A delectable dish of pesto pasta garnished with succulent slices of portobello mushrooms, sprinkled with grated cheese, and accented with fresh greens, presented on a white plate for a vegetarian meal option
Exquisite lamb rack perfectly seared, served with a side of beans and edamame, sprinkled with crumbled chorizo, and drizzled with a fragrant mint pesto sauce, showcased on a modern white plate
Soothing and nourishing after-party recovery soup featuring tender beef slices, golden fried mushrooms, a perfectly boiled egg, and fresh ginger slices, garnished with vibrant greens and a spicy jalapeno ring, served in a rich, savory broth
Velvety green pea soup garnished with succulent pieces of Caribbean lobster and a sprinkle of crunchy pumpkin seeds, dusted with aromatic spices for a rich and flavorful dining experience
Colorful Makanda craft salad featuring mixed greens, ripe avocado, sweet mango, tender asparagus, fresh tomato, crisp cucumber, and black beans, sprinkled with parmesan cheese, topped with a choice of grilled tuna, shrimp, or chicken fillet, and drizzled with truffle honey dressing
Delicious Arabic shawarma standing upright on a bed of black beans, filled with succulent chicken thigh, drizzled with special Arabic sauce, and accompanied by crisp vegetables, all wrapped in a warm pita bread, garnished with fresh cilantro leaves
Fresh artisanal ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach, adorned with halved cherry tomatoes, olives, and grated cheese, garnished with a delicate sprinkle of herbs and microgreens, served on a bright sauce